Meet Alie

Namaste Yogis! Welcome to the Online Yoga space. My name is Alie. I was born in Ukraine but have spent most of my life living in Dubai. Living in a big city caused continuing stress and anxiety. I felt like losing myself. Suffering from being not really me. I decided to change my life which would lead me to mindfulness and my true self. As I have my best friend living in Rishikesh I decided to go to India. It was one of the most transformational trips I’ve ever had. Because it was the time when Yoga came into my life purifying my mind, soul, and body. Bringing charming vibes of mantras, rituals, self-discovering, and every day Yoga practices with its pranayamas and splits. I remember how I was laying down doing my first Shavasana, crying and letting go of everything that no longer served me. Welcome to a new life. New Me. It was 4 years ago. After some time I got my 200 hours teaching Yoga certificate in India. Continuing traveling I ended up teaching Yoga in Boston.

I did studies discovering how stress can cause overweight, body illnesses, and mental destructions which lead to life’s suffering.

My specific Yoga practices aim to release emotional body blocks, lose weight by reducing stress. It gets you to the perfect body shape and healthy mental state which brings happiness.

I made an Online Yoga Project for everyone who wants to reduce anxiety and stress, renewing body, life, and mind.

You are welcome to join my Online Yoga space.

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